Virtual: Why We Read

Thursday, June 137:00—8:00 PMHosting library Zoom account

This one is for readers everywhere! Join us as we chat with author Shannon Reed about her book, "Why We Read: On Bookworms, Libraries, and Just One Page Before Lights Out". Why DO we read? What compels us to? What holds our attention? How many of us remember reading by a flashlight after hours? Shannon will have the scoop and will be answering lots of our Questions! Also, given her last name, we feel that Shannon is the perfect person to have written this book.

About Shannon:

Shannon Reed is a writer and professor living in a small town just outside Pittsburgh.

Shannon grew up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and lived in Brooklyn for 14 years, where she taught high school English and Theatre. In 2012, she began studying with the Writing Program at the University of Pittsburgh, where she completed an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) in 2015. She joined the faculty shortly thereafter, and is now the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Writing Program in the University of Pittsburgh, as well as a Teaching Associate Professor, specializing in fiction and humor writing courses.

This program is hosted by the Ashland Public Library.